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With over 15 000 000 clients and presence in more than 190 countries on all five continents, FBS is one of the best known brands in the Forex industry. A state of the art broker founded back in 2009, for the past 10 years FBS has won over 40 international awards and continues to strive to provide exquisite trading conditions on two outstanding platforms – MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5.


FBS is regulated in the European Union through its Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s license, but like many other leading brokers operates an international subsidiary, based and regulated in Belize as well. That gives FBS the ability to provide its international clients with more flexibility in terms of leverage and some other benefits like trading bonuses and loyalty programs.


Because of the local regulations, in Europe, FBS clients are offered maximum leverage of up to 1:30 (1:500 if they qualify as professional traders), while with their international subsidiary the broker offers leverage as high as 1:3000 to all, retail and professional traders alike.


In January 2020 FBS became an official trading partner of FC Barcelona, which is yet another recognition for the FBS team.


The Company. Security of funds


As we already noted FBS is regulated both in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and in Belize by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) – licenses that enable the broker to service both clients throughout the European Union and around the globe with the exception of a few countries namely Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


FBS Cyprus


In Europe the FBS brand is represented by Tradestone Limited, headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and authorized by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with a license number 331/17. Tradestone Limited operates the FBS.eu website, and through a formal registration with the rest of the national financial regulators of the EU member states, is licensed to offer trading services throughout the Union with the exception of Belgium, where forex and CFD trade is not allowed by the local authorities.


Overseeing over 240 forex and CFD brokers with hundreds of brands, including all major ones in Europe, CySEC is one of the three most popular regulatory hubs in the forex industry along with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 


As all CySEC and EU regulated brokers FBS is fully compliant with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which regulates all investment services in the European Economic Area (EEA) – the EU plus Switzerland, Norway and Iseland.


Also, as a member of the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), FBS (Tradestone Limited) insures the trading capital of each trader for up to 20 000 EUR, payable in the unlikely event the broker happens to be insolvent – a measure, which along with the sound regulatory framework imposed by CySEC, gives traders a complete protection for their funds.


Furthermore, as all other CySEC regulated brokers, FBS keeps all traders’ funds in a segregated from its own, protected from creditors, trust account; reports regularly all trading transactions; maintains no less than 730 000 EUR in operational capital, ready to cover any outstanding payments towards clients; and guarantees a negative balance protection for all its clients, meaning that no trader can lose more money than he or she has invested. 


Negative balance protection was introduced by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) back in 2018 after the sudden fall of the Euro against the Swiss Franc as a result of the unexpected decision of the Swiss National Bank to abandoned the Frank’s peg to the European Currency. In the aftermath of the dramatic market swing many retail investors woke up owing huge sums of money to brokers, as their balances became negative.


As we noted FBS provides European traders with a negative balance protection ever since the broker obtained its CySEC license back in 2017.


FBS Belize


The international brand of FBS is represented by FBS Markets Inc, which is licensed and authorized by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize – a license that gives the broker much more flexibility compared to the one in Europe.


Just like CySEC and all other European regulators, IFSC also has a capital requirement for its brokers – the IFSC brokers have to maintain a minimum paid up capital of at least 500 000 USD, which should be kept in a local bank in Belize. Unlike the regulators in Europe and in many other markets like the U.S. and Canada, IFSC has no leverage restrictions though, and this allows FBS, through its international subsidiary FBS.com, to offer leverage as high as 1:3000.


Also, the regulations in Europe prohibit FBS.eu from offering trading bonuses and other promotions – benefits that are readily available for international clients with FBS.com.


Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads
Cent $1 0.01 lot 1:1000 from 1 pips
Standard $100 0.01 lot 1:3000 from 0.5 pips
Zero Spread $500 0.01 lot 1:3000 0 pips + $20/lot
Micro $5 0.01 lot 1:3000 fixed, from 3 pips
ECN $1000 0.1 lot 1:500 from -1 pip + $6/lot


With their European brand FBS offers two account types – a Standard Account for experienced traders and a Cent Account for beginner ones, or all who want to explore the forex markets without risking too much. With their international brand, on the other hand, FBS offers five account types – again a Standard and a Cent Account, but also a Micro Account, a Zero Account and an ECN Account. Here you may find some detail about each account type.


FBS.eu Accounts


Both the Standard and the Cent Account can be opened in Euro or US dollars and provide access to 28 major and minor currency pairs as well as 7 exotic ones – CNHJPY, EURCNH, EURTRY, USDCNH, USDMXN, USDRUB and USDTRY. CFDs on gold, silver, platinum and palladium are also available, as are CFDs on four indices and two energy commodities – DAX30, NASDAQ, S&P500 and YM – Dow Jones mini futures, Brent and WTI Crude oil. The two account types are available with a choice between the MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 platforms and the mobile FBS Trading app, available both for iOS and Android.


Standard Account

As we noted the Standard Account is designed for experienced traders. It offers floating spreads starting below 1 pip without a trading commission and a market execution as low as 0,3 sec. The typical spread for the benchmark EURUSD pair is 0,9 pips, but it can go as low as 0,5 pips, which is very attractive, bearing in mind that there is no trading commission.


For retail clients the leverage is capped at 1:30 for major currency pairs and 1:20 for gold and most other CFDs as are the requirements of the European regulators. If you can prove that you are a professional trader, you may be offered leverage as high as 1:500 though. 


The maximum number of trading positions and pending orders you can have at the same time is limited to 400, and you will be able to trade with a step as small as 1 micro up to 500 lots.


The minimum deposit requirement is 100 USD, while your Margin Call and Stop Out are set at 60% and 50%. In case of extreme volatility, when the Stop Out did not close your position in time you will have to rely on your negative balance protection, which FSB offers to clients in Europe.


Cent Account

As we noted a Cent Account is especially suitable for beginner traders and those who just don’t want to risk much. And the account is also suitable for traders, who apply trading strategies like Grid trade and Martingale, where you need to double your trading position after every unsuccessful trade. 


The base idea of a Cent Account is that 1 cent lot equals 0,01 standard lots or just 1000 currency units. The max order volume with a Cent Account is 500 cent lots or 5 standard lots. Trading with a Cent Account is less risky, and that is why such accounts are suitable for beginner traders. The potential profits, however, are much smaller.


Otherwise the spreads, the leverage, the execution, the maximum number of open positions and pending orders, the Margin Call and the Stop Out are the same as with the Standard Account. The minimum deposit requirement, however is much smaller – just 10 USD.


And certainly you can check both the Standard and the Cent Account with a demo account, by trading virtual funds.


FBS.com Accounts


All trading accounts at fbs.com can be opened in US dollar and Euro and with the exception of the ECN Account, all offer a choice of 35 currency pairs – major, minor and exotic, as well as CFDs on energy commodities, indices, precious metals and 33 stocks, and an option for a swap free trading. All accounts are available on MetaTarder4, MetaTrader5 and the proprietary mobile FBS Trading app, adopted both for iOS and Android devices.


Standard Account

The Standard Account comes with floating spreads starting as low as 0,5 pips (although the average spreads are higher), no trading commission, and leverage as high as 1:3000. The execution is market, Straight Through Processing (STP) with speed as low as 0,3 sec.


The minimum trading step is 0,01 lot, the maximum order volume 500 lots, while the maximum open positions and pending orders you can have at the same time are limited to 200. The Margin Call is set at 40%, while the Stop Out at 20%.


You can open a Standard Account at FBS.com with 100 USD.


Cent Account

The minimum deposit with the Cent Account available at FBS.com is symbolic – just 1 USD, and as we already commented, because of the lower risk it is suitable for beginner traders, or those who apply cash demanding strategies, doubling their trading step each time they lose.


The account comes with spreads starting from 1 pips, zero commission, leverage as high as 1:1000 and STP, market execution. The minimum trading step is 1 micro lot and you will be able to trade up to 10 standard lots at a time. The maximum number of open positions and pending orders is limited to 200 as with the Standard Account.


Micro Account

This is an account type we have only with FBS.com. It can be opened with an initial deposit as low as 5 USD and comes with fixed spreads starting from 3 pips, and leverage of up to 1:3000. Again there is no trading commission, the order volume is the same as with the Standard Account – between 0,01 lot and 500 lots, as is the maximum number of open positions and pending orders. A fixed spread account is suitable for all who want to calculate their profits with precision.


Zero Spread Account

This is another account available only with the Belize subsidiary of FBS. The spreads with this account start virtually at zero pips, but there is a trading commission – starting from 20 USD per lot, which when calculated into the equation gives an actual spread of about 2 pips. The maximum leverage with this account is again 1:3000, while the minimum deposit requirement is 500 USD. The order volume, the execution and the maximum number of open positions and pending orders is the same as with the Standard and the Micro Account.


ECN Account

With an initial deposit as high as 1000 USD this is one of FBS premium accounts. Spreads again start virtually from zero, but the trading commission is much smaller than with the Zero Spread account –  6 USD per standard lot round trip, which when calculated in to the equation gives an average actual spread of just 0,6 pips, which looks really attractive. The leverage is a bit lower, but still more than enough to fit even the most aggressive trading styles – 1:500.


The minimum trading step is higher than with the rest of the accounts – 0,1 lot, and there is no limit on the number of open positions and pending orders you may have. The maximum size of your order volume, however is capped at 500 lots. The execution is ECN and the account does not support swap free trading. 


A minor disadvantage is that you have access solely to 25 major and minor currency pairs.


Maximum Leverage


Depending on whether you trade with the Cyprus or the Belize subsidiary of FBS, your account type, and whether you qualify for a professional trader or not, you will be offered leverage between 1:30 and 1:3000. 


FBS Cyprus


Leverage is what many traders consider the most attractive aspect of a broker’s offer. Until a few years ago brokers in Europe were free to offer virtually unlimited leverage levels, allowing retail clients to trade standard lots with just a couple of hundred dollars or so.


That however changed a few years ago. In 2018 ESMA – the pan European regulator – capped the maximum leverage EU brokers are allowed to offer retail clients even below the levels currently allowed in the U.S. – 1:50.


Now retail traders in Europe are allowed to trade major currency pairs with leverage no higher than 1:30, and gold and some other CFDs like non- major currency pairs, and major equity indices at levels no higher than 1:20. Leverage on commodities other than gold and non- major equity indices is capped at 1:10, while for individual stocks the limit is set at 1:5. Finally, for the EU regulated brokers, which offer crypto CFDs, the permitted leverage is just 1:2.


So those are the maximum leverage levels you can have with FBS.eu in case you are a retail trader. If you meet the criteria for a professional trader, however, your maximum leverage can be as high as 1:500.


And that explains why many top brokers like FBS have opened international subsidiaries, which fall outside of the European jurisdiction, and which can freely offer much higher leverage.


FBS Belize


The maximum leverage with most account types available at FBS.com is 1:3000, with the exception of the Cent Account, where the limit is set at 1:1000 and the Cent Account, where the maximum leverage available is 1:500.


That said, however, you should not forget that higher leverage greatly increases the risk for your funds, when the market is volatile, which is usually the case those days. So do be extra careful, when trading with leverage higher than 1:100.


Minimum initial deposit


FBS is a broker, where you can start trading with a budged account (with a minimum initial deposit) and where you have also the option to trade with Cent Accounts, significantly lowering your trading risks.


FBS Cyprus


With the European subsidiary of FBS you can open a Cent Account with just 10 USD, while for a Standard Account the minimum deposit is also lower than with most other brokers – 100 USD.


FBS Belize


With the international subsidiary of FBS the minimum deposit requirement is symbolic – just 1 USD with their Cent Account and 5 USD with their Micro Account, allowing you to trade with fixed spreads.


On the other hand the Standard, the Zero Spread and the ECN Accounts come with a minimum deposit requirement of 100 USD, 500 USD and 1000 USD respectively.


FBS CopyTrade


The Belize subsidiary of FBS offers a social, copy trading program, which allows investors, who are new to the market, or just do not have much time to trade themselves, to follow and copy the trades of professional traders and eventually profit in exchange of a small commission.


With FBS CopyTrade you will be able to go through a list of top traders, compare their results a choose the once that bets fit your investment strategy. 


Similarly if you are an experienced trader you can let other traders follow your trades. The only requirements are that you have an active MT4 Standard or and MT4 Micro account with a balance of at least 100 USD.


In July 2020 FBS also introduced a new „Risk-Free Investments” feature available to all using their CopyTrade App. The feature gives investors an opportunity to test all major tools and perks of the app without risking anything.


Basically the user is allowed to make three risk -free investment in two weeks. Each of these investments has to be for no more than 100 USD and with a fixed stop loss parameter set at 10%.


Launched back in 2018, presently FBS CopyTrade  is used by more than 5 million investors worldwide.


Trading Platforms 



No matter if you trade with FBS.eu or FBS.com, or which account type you opt for, the broker offers its clients a choice of three trading platforms: MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5 and the mobile trading platform by FBS.  All platforms are offered as desktop, web and mobile versions.


MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform. Equipped with a number of technical indicators, advanced charting tools, extensive back-testing environment, and a wide range of Expert Advisors (EA), it is preferred by most traders, allowing clients to fully automate their trades. MT4 comes in desktop, and mobile versions.



As most MT4’s indicators and Expert Advisors (EA) are not supported on the MT5 platform, the latter is still in the shadow of its predecessor. Recently, however, a number of enhancements were made to the MetaTrader5 and the hedging option was finally added to it and it gains popularity. What is more, Russian developer MetaQuotes announced it will no longer issue updates to the MT4 and will instead concentrate on the MT5.


FBS Trader

FBS Trader is a proprietary trading platform app, available with all account types both with FBS.eu and FBS.com, about which the broker says to be as powerful as the MetaTrader platforms, but much simpler and easier to use. The app is available both for iOS and Android devices. You just have to secure 10,6 Mb of free space.


Cashback program 


With the Belize subsidiary or FBS you can benefit from a cashback program, trading bonuses, a loyalty program and you can participate in various trading contests. Those promotions are not available to traders in Europe, however, because of the local regulatory requirements.


With the FBS Cashback program you get 15 USD back for every lot traded, no matter if the trade is successful or not. Your cashback is withdrawable and can reach up to 500 USD per month. Bear in mind however that the program is available only to clients who registered directly with FBS and not through IB partners.


Trading Contests


FBS organizes regular contests like FBS Winning Season and FBS League.


FBS League

Currently you can join the FBS League, which is organized every other week. You can join the contest solo or in a team and earn one of five prices, if you manage to rank among the most profitable traders. 


To join the contest you should open a FBS League demo account, where you will be able to trade with 10 000 virtual USD with leverage of up to 1:100. 


If you trade solo you can earn up to 450 USD per contest, which lasts for two weeks. The second, the third, the fourth and the fifth price is 250 USD, 150 USD, 100 USD and 50 USD respectively. And you can also participate as a member of a team and get an additional 300 USD.


Trading bonuses


100% deposit bonus 

You can get a matching 100% bonus on each deposit you make with FBS.com. The amount of each obtained bonus is added to the existing one, but the required trading volume is traded separately for each bonus. You have 30 days, after you make a deposit, to decide whether you want the bonus or not. The bonus is available with all trading accounts except for the ECN Account.


You can withdraw your profits, whenever you like, but the bonus itself can be withdrawn only after you have reached a trading volume equal to your bonus divided by three in lots.


The maximum bonus amount is 10 000 USD and the maximum leverage with which you can trade a bonus account is 1:500.


Trade 100 bonus

If you register an account with 100 USD, trade actively for 30 days (active trading day is a day when an order was opened or closed) and you have at least 5 lots traded, you will get 100 USD and a full set of educational materials for free. And you will be able to withdraw your 100 USD immediately. The bonus is available only with a MetaTrader5 account. 


FBS Loyalty Program


By joining the FBS Loyalty Program you have a chance to get Green, Silver, Gold or Platinum status prizes, including a brand new car, a Rolex watch or a trip to the FBS headquarters. You get the prices in exchange of points you earn by trading or attracting new clients.


VPS for free



If you deposit 450 USD and trade 3 lots within the first month, you can have a free VPS (Virtual Private Server) and you can continue to use it for free, if you continue to trade at least 3 lots each month




FBS offers an educational course for traders divided in four levels – Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Experienced, designed to introduce you to the forex world and help you to maximize your profits and limit your losses. The broker also offers regular webinars and video lessons on various topic like the secrets of scalping and others.




FBS has over 40 industry awards, the latest ones of which – for the Best International Forex Broker, the Most Transparent Broker for 2018, the Best Forex Trading Account for 2018, the Best Forex Broker Asia 2018 and the Best Copy Trading Application Global 2018.


Payment Methods


The payment methods available with FBS differ slightly depending on whether you trade with FBS.eu or FBS.com


FBS Cyprus


With the CySEC regulated broker you can choose to pay with major cards like VISA and MasterCard, as well as bank wire, Skrill, Neteller and Rapid Transfer. No matter which payment you opt to choose thought, there are no commissions, neither on your deposits, nor on your withdrawals.


FBS Belize


With the Belize subsidiary of FBS your payment options include VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Stick Pay, Perfect Money and BitWallet. With VISA, Neteller and Skrill there is no commission on deposits, but a small commission on withdraws may apply. With VISA the withdraw commission is in the amount of just 1 USD.


All other payment options include some commissions both on deposits and withdraws.




FBS is an award winning broker with immaculate reputation and global presence, which offers top trading conditions on two powerful platforms – MetaTrader4 and MetaTarder5. On top of that with their international subsidiary FBS offers leverage as high as 1:3000, a generous cashback program and various trading bonuses and contests – yet another reason to choose FBS as your trading partner.


Pros Cons
Variety of platforms, MT4 available  No significant disadvantages
Competitive spreads (especially on ECN accounts)  
Low minimum deposits required  
Variety of promotions  
ECN/STP environment available  


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